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Midwestern College exists to prepare and equip students to be the leaders of today and tomorrow. Our students continue to be agents of change both in the United States and around the world. Midwestern’s unique environment fosters spiritual, personal and academic growth as students deepen in their understanding of the Word of God and the world he created. Are you ready to make a difference?

02 About

Learn from a Biblical Worldview.

CHOOSING WHERE TO ATTEND COLLEGE is a serious decision. Deciding where you will live, what you will study, and whether or not you will work during college all have longterm effects. But nothing is as important as whether or not a college will teach from a biblical worldview. At Midwestern College we take your spiritual formation seriously and have designed every aspect of the student experience to prepare you to serve the church and engage culture regardless of where God calls you to serve.

President   |   Dr. Jason K. Allen

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03 Academics

Prepare to Make an Impact.

Midwestern College provides a rigorous academic environment designed to prepare students to engage a rapidly changing global environment. Available online and on campus, our academic programing connects students to the practical realities of ministry-track careers with the end goal of preparing men and women for kingdom service always in view.

Degrees and programs

04 Student Life

Belong to a Community

Midwestern College provides opportunities for you! Student life begins on our campus where each student experiences a wealth of opportunities for personal growth. From impromptu games of ultimate Frisbee to exhilarating chapels or even a night out on the town, students join together to help each other mature in their faith and reach the broader KC metro for Christ. You can find students sipping coffee in the local shops and then heading out on strategic evangelism teams. At Midwestern, we provide a context for you to mature into the man or woman God called you to be.

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05 Cost and Aid

Affordable. Valuable.

Midwestern believes you can attend school without incurring massive amounts of debt. We are consistently ranked in the top five most affordable private schools in the state of Missouri and are proud of that fact. Our rigorous curriculum prepares you for the future and allows you to be ready to serve wherever God calls you.

You Can Afford College

Let one of our financial aid representatives help you understand how you can make a Midwestern education work for you on your budget. We have a variety of scholarships, loan programs and grants available to meet almost every student need.

A Great Investment

Preparing for your future is an investment in yourself and your calling. Don’t miss out on God’s leading for your life and ministry. Prepare today for a lifetime of service!

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