BA, Philosophy

The Philosophy major is designed to provide for the interdisciplinary study of economics, religion, philosophy, politics, and the arts as situated in their historical context. Students will demonstrate increased understanding and skill in the interpretation of Scripture, theological reflection, and cultural engagement thus equipping students for local church ministry, evangelism, international missions, denominational service, and subsequent graduate study.

BA Degree Objectives

The objectives for students graduating with the Bachelor of Arts degree are as follows:

  1. Demonstrate an increased understanding of the Christian worldview in relation to the natural and social world
  2. Demonstrate an increased understanding of the theological foundations of Christian ministry
  3. Demonstrate increased competence in practical skills of Christian ministry such as information management, strategic decision-making, and communication
  4. Demonstrate an enhanced foundation for subsequent formal and informal education.

Philosophy Major Objectives

Students graduating with the Philosophy major will be able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate sound scholarship through analytical and critical thinking
  2. Demonstrate a basic appreciation of the liberal arts
  3. Demonstrate an understanding that connects philosophical ideals to political, religious, and societal structures.


BN170Introduction to Business and Finance
CM110Basic Communication
GE101English Composition I
GE102English Composition II
GE135Quantitative Reasoning
GE185Introduction to Physical Science
GE205World Geography
GE240Survey of World Literature
GS181Integrative Seminar I, Leadership
GS382Integrative Seminar II, Assessment
GS483Integrative Seminar III, Capstone
HM300Introduction to Philosophy
HM344Christianity and the Arts
HT113Church History II
HT210American History
HT411World Religions
MS201Global Missions
PY100 Introduction to Psychology

BS115 Old Testament Survey I
BS116 Old Testament Survey II
BS117 New Testament Survey I
BS118 New Testament Survey II
BS204 Introduction to Hermeneutics
HT200 Introduction to Ethics
HT350 Christian Doctrine I
HT351 Christian Doctrine II
HT450 The Church
MN201 Personal Evangelism and Discipleship

BN375 Poverty and Wealth
HM204Ancient Philosophy
HM234Research and Writing
HM285Informal Logic and Reasoning
HM304Philosophy of Religion
HM308Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
HM405Modern Philosophy
HM425 Christian Political Thought
HT112Church History I
HT113Church History II